2020 Strategic Vision

Building Our Future Together


Our current strategic planning process is a partnership that includes feedback from the congregation, our lay and professional leadership, and our clergy. The “2020 Vision” plan was enthusiastically adopted by our Board of Trustees.

Over the years, TBS has engaged in several successful strategic planning processes, including in both 2006 and 2012!

Some past accomplishments extending from these include:

  • Building a wonderful new Temple home

  • Creating a unique rabbinic model that includes two Senior Rabbis

  • Creating a nationally recognized elementary learning program


We are completing a series of “TBS Tomorrow Conversations”, in which members are imagining how to enact our “2020 Vision”.


Together, our 930 households create a community that is personal, inclusive, and meaningful for all. By sharing our lives, we bring blessing to each other and to the world around us.


"Creating meaningful and successful Jewish communities in the 21st century is about fostering deep relationships. It is about helping people on their life journeys, and making Judaism a central and meaningful focus of that journey."

- Dr. Ron Wolfson



Personal Connection

Ensuring that every community member is known, cared for, and able to find their place in the TBS community.


  • TBS is thriving in spiritual, learning, and community life.

  • In 2018, over 3,000 members of our Temple family attended High Holy Day services.

  • Our Chesed-giving volunteers, over 130 strong, provide much needed compassionate outreach to TBS members during times of difficulty and joy. On behalf of our Beth Shalom community, these volunteers prepare and deliver meals, knit wraps, baby blankets, visit homes and provide other deeply meaningful support as a part of our nurturing community.

  • Within our community, relationships are valued most, from every day connections to lifelong friendships. Repeatedly TBS members of all ages and life stages express a wish to find new ways to meaningfully engage in Temple life.


Creating Positive

Change in the World

Taking critical steps necessary to make TBS a more deeply involved community in promoting social action locally and nationally.


  • TBS ‘Tzedek’ is a multi-tiered social justice program with legislative advocacy activities, interfaith dialogue, refugee justice initiatives and immigration/ humanitarian support programs that reach out to help create equity and freedom for all people.

  • Direct service outreach to those in need includes feeding the hungry, providing support for the homeless, providing literacy support and programs that promote environmental activism.

  • TBS ‘Tzedek’ partners with our other faith communities, as well as with other mission-aligned organizations in Greater Boston and nationally.

  • Our social action and justice initiatives are rapidly engaging more and more of our members in activity aimed to make the world a better place.


Strengthening the Infrastructure

for Our Evolving Community

Securing the necessary staff and space to support the growth our spiritually successful community. As we warmly welcome more members, we remain committed to ensuring the personal nature of our congregation.


  • In 2003, TBS had two full-time clergy meeting the pastoral needs of a congregation of 550 households. Today, TBS still has two full-time clergy to meet the pastoral needs of a congregation of 930 households.

  • Our K-12 learning programs are bursting with children and activity, causing us to consider adding classroom space to meet demand.

  • Relative to local congregations of comparable size, TBS falls short in the quantity of professional resources supporting the congregation.

  • We have identified the need for additional administrative staffing, particularly in the areas of communications, development, and office support.


Achieving Financial


Solidifying a strong financial position that is essential for continued community vitality. We are committed to addressing the challenges that our growth is posing in the areas of staffing, space, and program needs.

  • Our current operating budget is $6.6 million.

  • We are proud of the fact that 10% of our budget supports membership assistance for those in need and learning program/Bar-Bat Mitzvah scholarship for children.

  • Annual membership commitment payments and tuition do not cover all of our operating expenses.

  • Currently, only 3% of our budget is supported by charitable giving to TBS.

  • Completion of payment on our $2.3 million mortgage by July 2020 would free up $160,000 annually to invest in programmatic and infrastructure needs.

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