Community Bulletin Board

Can’t use your theater tickets?
Need a good roofer?
Want to spread the word about a charity event?
Looking for a tennis partner?
Who better to turn to than your TBS community?


The Communications Committee proudly invites you to join the Temple Beth Shalom Community Bulletin Board (TBS-CBB). This new service lets you exchange emails with other Temple members about things that may benefit any or all of us. 

Sounds awesome! How does it work?
For this to work for you, you sign up for the bulletin board (below). Then when someone has something to post, you will receive their email. You can reply, save, or delete, as appropriate. When you have something to send, you email the given address, and all those who signed up will receive your email. 

So how do I sign up?
Simply email [email protected]. You will receive an email back confirming that you are signed up for the bulletin board and telling you the address to use to send TBS-CBB emails.
Please note that you will be able to receive and send TBS-CBB emails only via the address you use to sign up (not from a different email address you may use at work, for example).

Wait – Won’t my inbox get flooded?
Other synagogues and groups love this system and do not find that to be an issue. Here’s why:

  • The email comes from the person who sent it, so replies can go directly back to that person, not to everyone.
  • We will monitor the emails so that we can create a separate group should the need arise. For example, if many people starting posting about suggestions of books to read, we could create a separate group of those interested in book ideas.
  • There are a few simple rules (below).
  • There’s usually a bigger influx at the beginning, but then it slows down.
  • You can always unsubscribe.

What are the rules?
To keep the system useful and efficient, we ask the following:

  1. Send your listing only once. (Yes, if there is a major change in what you sent, please do send a follow-up email.)
  2. Hit reply, not reply all, to respond to TBS-CBB emails.
  3. This is meant to let people find about things they may not otherwise know. As such, it is not a replacement for placing an ad for your business or service. 
  4. Kindly remember that this is a friendly tool for practical stuff – it is not a discussion forum, soap box, complaint corner, etc.
  5. Questions and issues related to the list can be sent to Communications Committee Chair Steve Sherry ([email protected]) or list manager Michael Goff ([email protected]).

I'm in!
Great - just email [email protected] to get started.