Jewish Day School Connection

Temple Beth Shalom’s “Jewish Day School Connection” program helps our community’s many day school families build a meaningful bridge between their school and TBS communities. Specifically, the TBS “Jewish Day School Connection” program…

  • Helps our children embrace both their Jewish Day School and Temple Beth Shalom as special Jewish homes.
  • Inspires our Jewish Day School children to make friends and create community at TBS.
  • Creates a warm TBS community from amongst our Jewish Day School families.
  • Creates a special connection between our Jewish Day School children and our rabbis, cantor, and educators.
  • Celebrates our Jewish Day School children and their families for their commitment to Jewish learning and living.
  • Enriches the lives of all of our Jewish Day School families through exciting and meaningful connection with/involvement in their TBS community.

We do this through:

  • Special TBS Jewish Day School family programs during the year. (Pizza Havdallah programs, Pool parties, Tikkun Olam projects, Shabbat dinners, holiday parties, and…..)
  • Monthly lunches at Rashi with TBS clergy
  • Special outreach and invitation to our Jewish Day School children/families from our program leadership and staff
  • Our Jewish Day School children are invited to become “teachers” and role models for Jewish learning (sharing school projects with TBS community)
  • Sharing Jewish Day School children stories and successes (“TBS This Week,” the Scroll, TBS website, and….)
  • Open and inviting “gateways” into TBS community through: TBS Children’s/Youth Community (TBS “Mayim” (K-5), “Gesher L’Noar” (6-7), and “Sha’arim” (8-12) programming, Youth Grouping)
  • Family sharing and participation in the life of the TBS community - Shabbat and holiday celebrations, sharing life blessings (Consecration, B’nei Mitzvah, Confirmation,…..)
  • Invitations to inspire other families to make Jewish Day School choices (meetings, open houses, information sharing, coffees)