The following books are some suggested titles for the High Holidays from the temple library. For young children the library offers a fairly large collection of picture and board books.

  • Toby Belfer and the High Holidays by Gloria Pushker
  • How the Rosh Hashanah Challah Became Round by Sylvia Epstein
  • When the Chickens Went on Strike by Erica Silverman
  • Gershon’s Monster by Eric Kimmel.
  • Happy Birthday World by Latifa Kropf
  • The Shofar Calls Us by Katherine Kahn 

The above books can be found on the small white cart in the library.  The last two titles are board books, appropriate for the very youngest in our families.

In terms of Nonfiction titles the library has a smaller collection of books for children. These books are located on the regular shelves of the library under the call no. Juv 394.26

  • Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur: Sweet Beginnings by Molka Drucker. Juv 394.26 DRU
  • Sharing Blessings by Rachel Musleah Juv 394.26 MUS

For adults we have a nice collection of nonfiction, they are also found on the regular shelves in the library under the call no. 394.26

  • Mediations for the Days of Awe by Dov Elkin 394.26 ELK
  • Jewish Festivals and Holy Days by Michael Meron 394.26 MER

This last book is also nice for both adults and older children.

As usual the library will have a display of holiday books in the atrium, but as you can see the library offers many other titles that may not make it out to the display area. So please stop by and check out the full collection.