Using the Library

The Temple  Library is located across the hall from Simon Hall. It is open whenever the Temple is open.


The library uses a shelf checkout system, there are book due date cards in the back of every book.  To check out a book, please write your name and phone number on the due date cards and place them in the small gray box on the computer desk.  Books should be typically returned within one month; however, this is only a guideline. Because we have a small collection of audiovisual materials (DVDS, CDS and Videos), these items should be returned within one week.


The Library always welcomes donations, we ask that they be good condition (no mold, ripped pages etc.) In order to maintain a current collection, we ask that they be no more then ten years old. If the library can’t find a place for them, we will donate them to other libraries or institutions.


Looking for an unusual movie try checking out The National Center for Jewish Film located at Brandeis University. Their website is

Association of Jewish Libraries – The umbrella organization of temple libraries. The AJA publishes great book lists for people interested in Judaica books. Their website is