Shabbat Evening

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Some often asked Questions

What is the dress for Shabbat Evening Services?
Dressy casual is perfectly fine for Shabbat. Should, at the last minute, the spirit move you to come to services and you do not have time to change, please do come as you are. We want for you to be with us!

What if it is difficult for me to arrive at temple by 6:15 pm?
Not to worry. A number of our members come to services directly from the end of their work day. Please feel comfortable arriving any time after the service begins. It is wonderful to see our Sanctuary gradually fill as more and more people arrive to join their loved ones and friends for Shabbat.

What if it is difficult for me to arrive at temple by 6:15 pm for the children Services?
About thirty minutes into the start of all of our 6:15 pm services, all children (ages 4-8) will be invited (if they wish to participate) to participate in special Shabbat games, stories and fun with our Shabbat Children's Activities Coordinator. Families will reunite in the Community Court at the conclusion of our service.

What are services like? Do I need to know Hebrew to appreciate the experience?
All of our services feature song, warmth and spirit and are accessible to everyone. Our prayer book, Mishkan T'fillah, is transliterated for those who do not read Hebrew. Our rabbis and musical leaders guide us through the service thoughtfully with explanations and teachings to ensure that everyone is sharing meaningfully. For more information about Mishkan T'fillah, please go to and search for Mishkan T'fillah.

How can I celebrate a life moment with a special blessing during services?
If you are interested in celebrating a life moment (birth, anniversary, special life change) with a blessing during our Shabbat services, please contact either Rabbi Perlman at [email protected] or Rabbi Markley at [email protected]. They will be happy to help!

Is it possible to purchase my own copy of our prayer book Mishkan T'filah?
Of course. To order your own copy of Mishkan T'fillah (and/or a number of other Jewish books and resources), please go to

Special Shabbat Service Opportunities

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