Brit Banot: Celebrating the Birth of a Girl

The birth of a baby girl is also celebrated with a special ceremony celebrating her entering the Jewish covenant through naming. This ceremony may take place on any day. There are two ways that our congregation celebrates the birth of baby girls. Some families prefer to have their daughter receive a special blessing during a Friday night (or sometimes a Shabbat morning) service. This moment is filled with joy and prayer as parent(s) “introduce” their daughter to the community. Other families prefer to work with one of our rabbis to create a personal ceremony and ritual that will be shared only amongst family and friends. This ceremony is often done either in the family’s home, at the temple, or in another location that will allow the ceremony to be most meaningful.

For more information on how our rabbis might be helpful in celebrating the birth of a baby, please feel free to contact either Rabbi Perlman ([email protected]) or Rabbi Markley ([email protected]).