Music at the Temple

musicMusic provides a gateway to experiencing the sacred. And in any Jewish worship service, if liturgy is the body, it is the music that is the soul. Through our musical expression during services, we seek to invite every member of our congregational family to experience, celebrate, be inspired by, and find comfort in the spiritual melodies of our people – past and present – from places near and far. Through traditional chant, traditional melodies, artistic and classical expressions of music, contemporary arrangements and melodies – as well as through a variety of instrumentation – the clergy, professional musical leadership, and lay leadership of Temple Beth Shalom seek to bring the full spectrum of musical richness of our people to life for everyone in our temple family – young and mature. 

In the ideal, we are constantly growing and enriching our own personal and congregational musical experiences through new and exciting forms of musical expression – opening new gateways to experiencing the world of sacred music.