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Adult Learning

How did Coca Cola become kosher? What are the origins of the Jews in Boston? How can I research my own family tree? How is Jewish life being restored in Krakow, Poland and how does the current climate in Poland affect the Jewish community? How do we see Israel through the eyes of its next generation of leaders? How can I live a healthy life, through yoga, meditation and healthful and mindful eating? These are all questions we have explored together over the past years with answers coming from the experts the Adult Learning Committee has brought to speak with our community.


Learning is not limited to our youth. It is a part of our lifelong journey. To this end, the Adult Learning Committee is very excited to embark on an ever expanding set of programs for the 2018-19 year. Our vision is to develop programs along different “tracks” similar to the way we introduced a Health and Wellness program this past year. The Health Series featured author Moche Seible speaking about his book “The Estrogen Window,” temple member and cardiologist Cliff Berger who spoke about keeping a healthy heart and lastly, temple member and family practitioner Leonard Finn who focused on Mindful Eating.

In the coming years, we plan to have new learning tracks covering topics such as Science and Technology, Religion, Food and Culture, Art and Music, History, Law and Politics, and more. Some programs will have large community-wide appeal while others may attract smaller more focused interest. Our goal is to bring a variety of programs that touch our community in many ways and across generations.

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