Chamberlain Interfaith Fellowship

An Interfaith Partnership of Shared Learning and Growth
Eastern University (Philadelphia, PA) and Temple Beth Shalom (Needham, MA)


The Chamberlain Interfaith Fellowship (CIF) honors the life legacy of Dr. Ted J. Chamberlain (1944-2010). Dr. Chamberlain was the Dean of Students/Vice President of Student Development at Eastern University in St. Davids, Pennsylvania for twenty-eight years. He was known for his depth of faith and for allowing that faith to serve as an inspiration for relating to people from all walks of life.

In the fall of 2014, thanks to the wisdom of David and Sydney Feldman, faith and academic leaders from Eastern University and Temple Beth Shalom in Needham, Massachusetts were brought together to consider the possibly of creating a special fellowship inspired by Ted's memory. Immediately during these conversations, there was a spark, and the Chamberlain Interfaith Fellowship was born. The fellowship would carry forward Ted's unique ability to craft relationships of meaning by bringing together Christian and Jewish students for an opportunity to learn about each other's faith tradition; reflect upon commonalities and differences in the spirit of emerging friendship; grow spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually; and engage in a social justice project for the common good of society and the world. The Chamberlain Interfaith Fellowship will enable fellows to experience what the late Dr. Krister Stendahl of Harvard University once referred to as "holy envy" - a deep appreciation of the beauty, depth, and power of another religious tradition.


The CIF will engage four college (preferably) sophomores (preferably two young men and two young women) from Eastern University and four high school juniors (preferably two young men and two young women) from the Temple Beth Shalom community. 

Participants will be selected by the leadership of each learning community using an appropriate selection process.


David Feldman, Program Visionary, Temple Beth Shalom
Rabbi Jay Perlman, Rabbi, Temple Beth Shalom
Rachel Happel, Director of Learning, K-12, Temple Beth Shalom
Rahel Gruenberg, Assistant Director of Etzim, Temple Beth Shalom
Bettie Ann Brigham, Vice Provost for Student Development, Eastern University
Joseph B. Modica, University Chaplain, Eastern University

For more information, please contact Rachel Happel, Director of K-12 Learning, at [email protected] or 781-444-0077.