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Caring Outreach: Chesed

Chesed (Compassionate Outreach) is a core value of the TBS community.  Our community demonstrates this value through ongoing outreach to members of our community during both challenging and joyful time.  Our desire is that every member of our TBS community extend chesed to one another.  A growing number of TBS members extend chesed to our members on behalf of our community.  We invite you to become active in our TBS Chesed program.  There are several ways that you may help:

Would You Like to Help?
You may do a specific, time-bound task, such as provide a ride, deliver a meal or gift, make a call, visit with someone, prepare a meal, shop, knit, or help plan a program.  The choice is yours!  Every hand and heart helps!

Please choose from amongst the several chesed outreach options that are available.  Our chesed program is meaningful because it makes a meaningful difference – one person at a time.

To help or to receive more information, please contact Mindy Pasco-Anderson at

Please Help Us to Support Others
If you or someone you know is in need of support and/or comfort – or you know of a birth, wedding, or other simcha in the community – please contact either Rabbi Perlman (, Rabbi Markley (, or Rabbi Bressler (

For More Information
Watch the “Scroll,” weekly emails, and the TBS website ( for up-to-date information about all our Chesed initiatives and additional opportunities for involvement.


Bikkur Cholim: Supporting Those Who Are Ill

You may help by volunteering to either prepare or purchase a meal and then delivering it to someone/a family experiencing illness or recovery from illness.


Comforting Those Who Have Lost A Loved One

You may help by volunteering to either prepare or purchase a meal and then delivering it to someone/a family that has experienced a loss.  As well, each year during the High Holy Days, we deliver a care package that includes a jar of honey to all TBS community members/families who have lost a loved one in the past year.  Volunteers are needed for this meaningful sharing of comfort.


Knitting a Wrap, Blanket or Hat

Our growing group of TBS “Knitting Mavens” creates hand-knit caring wraps and lap blankets for those in our community who are recovering from surgery or serious illness.  This is a meaningful reminder of how much the TBS community cares.  As well, the Knitting Mavens also create beautiful baby blankets for newborn children and grandchildren.  Finally, the Knitting Mavens create knit hats for Israeli soldiers that are delivered in person by TBS members during our community’s biannual trip to Israel.

The Knitting Mavens gather socially several times a year to knit, share, and schmooze.  For more information and/or to get involved, please contact Margie Glou (


TBS Career Connections

Offering assistance for Temple members who are looking for employment or considering a career/lifestyle change – including confidential counseling, and networking opportunities.


Mazel Tov! - Celebrating Joyful Times

Our TBS community is thrilled to express heartfelt “Mazel Tov!” to those in our community experiencing a simcha (“joyful occasion”).  We do this by sharing special gifts when a baby is born (a hand knit baby blanket), when children become B’nei Mitzvah (a beautiful Kiddush cup), and when a couple is engaged to be married (a beautiful honey pot for sweetness).  If you know of someone in the community that has celebrated a joyful time or anticipates celebrating, please contact Mindy Pasco-Anderson at

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Home Deliveries to Bring Comfort

When a member of the TBS community experiences illness or loss, our TBS community is able to provide either a meal or several meals over time.  As well, our Chesed volunteers also prepare and deliver “TBS Caring Cups” – a mug filled with comforting items that are appropriate for all ages.  If a family is in need of other support from the community, we will always try to be helpful.  Please contact Mindy Pasco-Anderson at


Clergy Care & Counsel

Our clergy visit us when we are in need, support our families, offer prayers and hands to hold, and are always available to provide helpful counsel and guidance.

caring connections.jpeg

Caring Connections: Supporting the Homebound

When a member of the TBS community is more isolated or needs to be at home, our community has a number of volunteers who are able to reach out with cards, calls, and visits.  If you know of someone who would benefit from this outreach, please contact Mindy Pasco-Anderson at


Educational Programs

Providing educational programming around issues of health, aging and caregiving.


TBS Cancer Survivorship Community

This special community is made up of cancer survivors and caregivers who are dedicated to supporting others experiencing cancer and to celebrating life.  Each year, the TBS Cancer Survivorship Community gathers for social outings and other programs that bring the community even closer together.  If you are interested in learning more or in becoming part of this group, please contact Chesed (

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Chesed Youth Engagement

Our TBS Chesed Youth Engagement Program links our broader TBS Chesed outreach to our children’s communities/programs.  This connection is made with children in our Children’s Center, Mayim, (K-5th grade) and Etzim (6th – 12th grade) and fosters generations-helping-generations support throughout the TBS community.

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