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Israel Engagement

Israel is the eternal and sacred home of the Jewish people.  In an ongoing way, the TBS community fosters a strong congregational relationship to Israel through education, dialogue, advocacy, tourism, and relationship building.  Our goal is to be a catalyst for the members of the TBS community to deepen their relationship with Israel and her people. We do this by:

  • Engaging Modern Israel – Providing opportunities to deepen our understanding of modern Israel through speakers, seminars, and Israeli cultural offerings that bring religious, political, and historical issues into context and focus.

  • People to People Connections – Directly engaging with and build relationships with Israelis and Israeli organizations.

  • Tourism – Every other year, TBS brings dozens of TBS community members, family, and friends for a ten day adventure to Israel.

  • Family Education – Creating exciting new ways to bring Israel to life for our children and, in doing so, inspiring parents, as well, to learn with and through our children.

  • Helping Israel – Extending assistance through advocacy as well as philanthropy.

For more information, please contact Rabbi Jay Perlman at

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