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How to Check Out/Return Books

How to Borrow Materials from the TBS Library


In the inside back cover of each book, you will find a white card.  Please remove the card from the pocket and write your name in the “Borrower’s Name” column and today’s date in the “Date Loaned” column.  Place the card in one of the black labeled boxes on the shelf in the Community Court.  (These boxes are organized by author’s last name.)

Books may circulate for 3 weeks.
DVD’s and CD’s may circulate for 1 week.

Please write the date due on the “Due Date” slip inside the book/CD/DVD so that you can remember when to return it.

Returning Materials to the TBS Library


To return a book/DVD/CD to the library, simply place it in any of the baskets in the Community Court library or place it under the desk in the Beit Midrash.


Adding to Our Collection

Our TBS library collection is growing constantly!  New items are added as our Library Committee looks for best-selling and highly recommended Jewish themed books.  As well, thanks to the generosity of Marilyn and Bob Brooks, a new title is added to our library in honor of every child in our community who celebrates becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

If you have a recommendation for a book or collection, please be sure to let us know!


Book Donations

We accept book donations. Books should be recently published (within the last ten years), in good condition, and not in Hebrew. We also do not accept prayerbooks at this time. Because our Library’s shelf space is limited, we ask that you first contact Roberta Gerson, Chair of the Library Committee, at so she can review your list of books before any donation can be accepted.


How to Volunteer

To find out more about the Library or join the Library Committee, please come to our weekly meeting any Wednesday in the Beit Midrash from 10:00 AM to Noon (12:00 PM) or contact Roberta Gerson at

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