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TBS Clergy "Lead A Seder Step-by-Step" Video

Rabbi Jay, Rabbi Todd, and Cantor DJ have created this YouTube-based seder experience so that they can help you to lead seder in your home. Download the Leader's Guide, the song sheet supplement, and share this online Haggadah with your seder guests, and the video will guide you and your seder participants through the experience this year.  You could play this video on your computer or TV, or if you have a tech-savvy family member, share screen with others remotely for Zoom-style seders.

Families with Young Children Seder Follow-Along Video

Songs, games, stories and fun! Join us for a virtual seder that you can use at home anytime that works for your family. To enhance the experience, we have a list of items to prepare.

The Lego Passover Story

Rabbi Todd tells the story of Passover, using Lego scenes from the Brick Testament. A perfect addition to your seder...or as you prepare.

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