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First weekend in November: Tot Shabbat and PJ Havdallah, both outdoors and in person!

Tot Shabbat Friday, November 6, 6:15-6:45pm Join us as we celebrate Shabbat with music, prayers, and fun! Plan to stay in your car for the event to comply with health requirements. We will be broadcasting via your car radio. Popping up through the sunroof is encouraged. Come sing along! Get your tickets!

Pajama Havdalah Saturday, November 7, 6-6:30pm Get into some cozy pjs and join us to say goodbye to Shabbat and welcome the new week with this brief havdalah service. Come song, light a glow stick candle, and do a nighttime craft...all inside your parked car! Geared towards families with children six and under. Get your tickets!

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