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Community Candle Pass

Video submissions due December 6

Send us a video of yourself passing candles! Check out this music video to see what we need from you (fast forward to :30 to see how friends pass the candle through the screen - remember to pass from left to right!). Our Temple Beth Shalom candle lighting video will debut during our #ShareTheLight Hanukkah Celebration before services on December 11!


  • Pre-light your Chanukah candle (any type of Chanukah candle will do!)

  • Hold your phone camera horizontally.

  • Have your candle off-screen on your left, bring it on-screen, wave/smile/say Happy Hanukkah, and pass it off-screen to your right. Ensure the candle is fully off-screen at the beginning and end of your shot. (Unlike in the video, you do not need to light a Hanukkiah during your shot, just pass the candle!)

If your child is part of the TBS Children's Center or Mayim/Etzim Programs, you can also send us a video of them spinning a dreidel or even spinning themselves like a dreidel!

Email your video submission to Rabbi Julie. Videos must be received by December 6!

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