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Dinner from Fresh Food Generation, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

Order here by January 15, pick up January 21, 4:30-5:30 pm, TBS parking lot

Fresh Food Generation is a Black-owned Food Enterprise in Boston, and our mission is to disrupt food disparities by creating a common food experience. We serve the Greater Boston area and are intentional about finding opportunities to make affordable, healthy food more readily available in low-income neighborhoods.

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, we are excited to offer an expanded menu that includes two special dessert items: Sweet Teez Bakery’s MLK Cupcakes and Martin Luther King’s favorite dessert, Pecan Pie. Go online to learn about our unique menu options featuring a range of quality sourced meats, sides with local veggies and desserts from our favorite bakers.

1) Go to Fresh Food Generation, click on the green Home Deliveries Tab. Create an account.

2) Once your account is created, click New Order. Then add menu items to your cart and click “check-out”. There is no minimum order for pick up.

3) Add your billing information and please select “PICK-UP. Then choose “Temple Beth Shalom”.

4) Add discount Code TEMPLEBETHSHALOM for 10% discount and click Complete Order. Then submit payment.

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