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Fair Housing Through the Context of Modern-Day Needham

“Fair Housing Through the Context of Modern-Day Needham” – an engaging presentation and discussion with urban planner and fair housing policy expert Judi Barrett

Presented in partnership with Equal Justice Needham Register here.

Join us at 7:15 pm on Monday, April 11th as urban planner and fair housing expert Judi Barrett leads us in an educational and engaging discussion on the history and present-day implications of the Fair Housing Act of 1968. On the anniversary of the signing of this law, Judi will help us better understand the history of housing segregation and redlining in our country, the events that led to creation of this landmark statute, the progress that has taken place since that time, as well as the continued systemic barriers that prevent so many from achieving equal access to a safe, decent, and affordable home.

Judi Barrett is the founding principal and managing director of Barrett Planning Group LLC. She brings 33 years of planning and community development experience as a consultant and community and economic development professional with state and local government. She is well known for her work in affordable and fair housing policy and inclusionary zoning.

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