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From ‘A Flag is Born’ to ‘Fauda’: The Image of Israel in Popular Culture

Sunday, September 19, 7:00 pm on Zoom.

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Even as it has taken its place among the world’s most powerful nations, Israel also continues to exert a potent influence on the imagination. In this hour-long multimedia lecture, scholar Ted Merwin traces the evolution of the U.S.- Israel relationship in visual art, photography, performing arts, film and TV. From the 1940s theatrical pageant “A Flag is Born” to the 1960s Paul Newman film, “Exodus,” to American magazine covers during the Six Day War, to the current crop of binge-worthy Israeli TV shows, our perceptions of the Jewish State are conditioned just as much—if not more—through culture as they are through foreign relations, diplomacy, and technological or defense-related cooperation. This program is presented by the Orange County Jewish Community Scholar Program and sponsored by the TBS Adult Learning Committee.

With Professor Ted Merwin, live from Baltimore Maryland.


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