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Jews and Blacks in the Civil Rights Era and Now: Midrash and Fact with Billy Planer

Tuesday, May 25, 8pm

Billy Planer, founder of Etgar 36 (, an organization that leads Civil Rights journeys to the American South, will speak to us about the realities of the relationship between and among the Jewish and Black communities during the Civil Rights era and today. He will explore the following questions and answer our questions as well.

  • Why were there Jews on both sides, and the sidelines, of the Civil Rights movement?

  • What was the role of Judaism in the activism of young people in the 1960s?

  • What are the implications for the streets of America today?

This event is co-sponsored by TBS Tzedek and Temple Aliyah.

This program has concluded. Please click on the image below to watch the recording.


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