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Join Us at the 613th Annual TBS Brotherhood Community Blood Drive!

Why is this blood drive different from all other blood drives?

In all other blood drives, we get bagels and lox. 

Why in this blood drive do we get pre-wrapped snacks and drinks?

In all other drives, we schmooze and kibbitz. 

Why in this one do we distance and talk through masks?

In this past year, we donated 398 units of blood.

Why must we donate more?

In all other drives, we donate reclining.

Aha! That hasn’t changed!

The American Red Cross has a constant and ongoing need for blood donations and

this year the need is greater than ever.

Sadly, this year there will be no lox and bagels,

but you still get a sweet treat: the joy of giving!

Please register for one of Brotherhood’s December blood drives:

Sunday, Dec. 13 or 

Thursday, Dec. 24

Want to help? There’s plenty to do!

Take temperatures, assist donors with on-site registration, distribute delicious, hermetically sealed snacks, and more! 

Please reach out to us at

Social distancing, masks, and temperature checks are required for all.


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