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Light Beyond the Shadows

Light Beyond the Shadows – A Presentation by Author and Photographer Sheila Pallay

Sunday, March 27, 9:30 AM

Touching a 250-year-old Torah scroll rescued from the Shoah launched Sheila Pallay on a life-changing journey that culminated with the publication of her book, Light Beyond the Shadows: The Legacy of the Czech Torah Scrolls and the Renewal of Jewish Life in Czechia, by the Memorial Scrolls Trust (MST).

Sheila's presentation will focus on the history and the future of Jewish life in the former Czechia as she describes her four-month travels through the former towns where Jewish communities once thrived. She will share some of her 2,000+ photographs that depict Jewish life eradicated by Naziism and hate but which also provide a hopeful look at the new Jewish communities arising in modern-day Czechia.

The event is free and open to TBS members and their families and friends. The event will be in person as well as virtual. Information on purchasing a signed copy of her book will be forthcoming.

This program has concluded. Please click the image below to view the recording.

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