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Shabbat-Shavuot Raffle

Win a fabulous TBS Shabbat-Shavuot (Sha-Sha) Box!

Entries due Tuesday, May 11. Winner will be announced Wednesday, May 12.

Enter our Shabbat-Shavout raffle for a chance to win a Shabbat-Shavuot Box (Sha-Sha Box), perfect for the Shabbat before Shavuot. One of the themes of Shavuot is continuing one’s Jewish learning throughout your life! Fill out this form to tell us how you intend to continue your own learning and growing, even as we approach the summer break from school/formal education. The Sha-Sha Box contains 2 beautiful Shabbat candles, a freshly baked challah from Blacker's Bakeshop, grape juice or wine, a bouquet of flowers, and a delicious cheesecake sampler from 7ate9 Bakery in honor of Shavuot. All ages are welcome and encouraged to participate!


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