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Simchat Beresheet: A Celebration of Beginning

Sunday, October 3, 4:00-5:30 pm

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TBS is writing a new Torah! The TBS Sefer Torah Project is a hands-on, community-wide journey where we will learn, grow, and connect to our sacred text. Over the next 16 months, TBS is working with a soferet (ritual scribe) to write a brand-new Sefer Torah (Torah scroll). We will watch as our new Sefer Torah comes to life, and we will witness as it is woven into the fabric of our congregation from generation to generation.

Join us on Sunday, October 3 for a celebration to mark the official launch of this project. We will join together in prayer and song, and we will watch as Soferet Ariela Housman scribes the first verse of the new Torah. Following the ceremony, we will have an outdoor celebration with dancing and refreshments.


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