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Who's Who
Committee Chairs

Learn more about the many active and engaging TBS committees. For more information and to get involved, contact the committee chair at the emails below, or contact us at

Adult Learning

Peter Mesnik

In partnership with our clergy, we craft the learning vision of the TBS community and make it happen. We seek to create numerous opportunities for inspiring the mind and deepening one’s connection to Jewish tradition, culture, teaching, history, and practice through learning. Our goal is to inspire engagement in Jewish learning throughout our Temple Beth Shalom community. 


Gary Goldman
Florence Schumacher

We preserve materials that document the history of our Temple community. We have organized available materials that record our past, and now we continue to collect and preserve the memories of today for tomorrow in the dedicated Archives Room on the lower level of the Temple. Our goal is to preserve the history of Temple Beth Shalom, from its past through its present, for our future. 


Mindy Pasco-Anderson

Chesed outreach helps to organize community wide efforts that support part of Temple Beth Shalom‘s vision statement: “We are a community of chesed – compassionate outreach. We care deeply about one another, rejoicing in each other‘s simchas and reaching out to support one another in times of need. Together we help to nurture belonging, resilience, and shleimut – wholeness in our lives.” 


Steven Sherry

We are responsible for creating engaging communication between and among our TBS members and the community. We develop, maintain, and support traditional media and electronic channels. We also serve as the information technology support group for TBS. 

Our goal is to enhance the ease, effectiveness, and consistency of TBS communications and member interactions. 


Lori Shaer

ConNEXTions is a sub-group of the Temple Beth Shalom community focused on engaging adults in Jewish life on their own terms and for their own benefit. While, for many, early years of involvement in the community are marked by time spent for and with children, there comes a time to ask, “What’s next?” and this group will provide opportunities for fun, time with friends, learning, and opportunities to do good in our world.

Elementary Learning

Chanit List

Ariel Shoemaker

The Elementary Learning Committee is a group of dedicated members of the Temple Beth Shalom community who share a commitment to making Mayim (TBS’ K–5 Learning Program) a program of excellence. Guided by Jewish tradition, we study educational practices, assist with policy development, and make connections to the larger temple community. 

Environmental Action

Jane Evans

Mat Tuttelman

Jewish tradition teaches that taking care of our natural environment is a mitzvah – a sacred responsibility. We believe it is ethically imperative for Jews to work toward lessening our environmental impact and thus uphold the Jewish ideals/mitzvot of Tikkun Olam (“Repairing the World”), Tzedek (“justice”), and Bal Tash’chit (“prohibition against wanton destruction”). 

Our goal is to educate our community about environmental initiatives and make hands–on positive change at Temple Beth Shalom and the greater community in our use of energy and natural resources. 


Rabbi Jay Perlman

Recognizing that Israel is the eternal and sacred home of the Jewish people and that a meaningful relationship with Israel is important for our community, we help our congregation create the best possible opportunities for engagement and connection. Our goal is to be a catalyst for all congregants of Temple Beth Shalom, both individually and collectively, to deepen their relationship with Israel and her people. 


Loren Shapiro

We are the ‘caretakers’ of our temple building and facilities. We ensure that all in our community have a suitable environment in which to plan and produce activities in the realms of worship, education, social, and administration. 

From making our parking lot safe for our children, to arranging security for major congregational services and events, we also seek to enhance the warm and inviting atmosphere of our congregational home by ensuring that the temple is safe and secure as well. Our goal is to conduct comprehensive reviews and implement safety, security and loss prevention policies and procedures that encompass all functional areas and physical needs of our congregation. 

Financial Assistance

Jeff Shapiro

The role of the Financial Assistance Committee is to provide financial assistance to our temple community in accordance with our mission and vision statements. It is a core value of our congregation that a family’s financial limitations should never become a barrier to TBS membership and the education of our children. All applications received are confidential and reviewed with sensitivity. Applications are reviewed in the Spring and throughout the year as there are needs. The committee is comprised of a Chair, the President, and two congregants appointed by the President. The Controller serves as an ex officio member of the committee. 


Roberta Gerson

With both a circulating collection as well as a reference collection, the mission of the Temple Beth Shalom Library is to provide our Temple members with a wide variety of materials of Judaic interest in a warm and relaxing atmosphere that encourages reading for pleasure, enrichment, and learning. 

Member Relations

Robyn Glazier

Sarah Mesnik

By creating many different ‘gateways of entry’ to the TBS community, we inspire and nurture a healthy and engaged temple membership. We welcome our newest members. We help our members get to know one another and feel ‘at home.’ We support our members as they strive to find their place in the community and get involved. We encourage our members to invite new members to join us. 


Eugene Stein

The Nominating Committee is responsible for nominating members of the 18-member TBS Board of Trustees: the President, Executive Vice President, seven Vice Presidents, the Secretary, and eight Trustees. The committee also nominates new members of the Nominating Committee to replace those rotating off. After the committee nominates candidates, the TBS community votes whether to approve them at the Annual Meeting, which takes place in June.


Sarah Fleckner

Linda Mesnik

Sari Musmon

Susan Patkin

The Sisterhood of Temple Beth Shalom is a vibrant multigenerational group of women who come together to experience community, connection and involvement. Our Sisterhood provides endless opportunities for participation, sharing, and Jewish discovery through interesting and meaningful programming. Attending events and participating in planning them are great ways to meet new people and become a part of this wonderful group of women. 

Social Justice - Tzedek

Deena Siegel

Sarah Keselman

Temple Beth Shalom Tzedek (Social Justice) Committee engages in Social Justice through our Temple Beth Shalom Tzedek initiative. TBS Tzedek works to repair the world through advocacy, education, and raising awareness around critical issues facing our community, our nation, and the world at large.

Antisemitism Awareness Initiative

Gary Goldman

Our committee acts as a resource and partner with other organizations to combat
antisemitism, and provides education and awareness to the community. This includes
programs on sources of antisemitism, how t
o combat it, training regimens, community
research, and outreach to communities beyond Temple Beth Shalom.


Charles Wilson

TBS Brotherhood is not a committee, but rather one of the core “arms” of our congregational community. Brotherhood membership is free to all men in our community. If you want a new way to engage with the men of TBS, Brotherhood just might be for you. By the way…you can always drop by one of our Schmoozefests to stick your toe in the water and meet some of the boys. 

Children's Center Learning

Shimrit Black

The Children’s Center Learning Committee is a group of dedicated members of the Temple Beth Shalom community who share a commitment to making the Children’s Center a program of excellence. Guided by Jewish tradition, we study educational practices, assist with policy development, and make connections to the larger temple community. 

Community Advancement

Abby Harmon

The financial needs of the TBS community are not sufficiently met through annual membership commitment and tuition payments. In order to remain a vibrant, successful community TBS relies upon the generosity of our members and others. The TBS Community Advancement Team supports the financial position of the TBS community by organizing and expanding our congregation’s philanthropic giving. In doing so, we build upon existing successful programs, apply creative thinking to help our community achieve its goals, and establish a financial foundation to support continued growth. 


Myrna Bloch

Margie Glou

Three Score/More or Less is the Temple Beth Shalom group that includes all members of our Temple family who are age 55 and over. Our programs, held regularly throughout the year, are a diverse blend of social, cultural, spiritual, and educational events that strongly connect us to TBS and to each other. A nominal fee for each event covers the cost. 

Inclusion Task Force

Jerry Schultz

The Mission of the Inclusion Task Force (ITF) is

to identify any barriers – physical, social, attitudinal or emotional – that prevent a congregant, guests, or staff from gaining full access to any spiritual, social or educational event or work–related activity at TBS. The ITF also makes recommendations to the TBS leadership about how to reduce or eliminate any such barriers. We seek to ensure that every modification, adaptation or strategy that makes TBS accessible, is available naturally and consistently. We are guided by the goal of providing full “Access without Asking.” 

Finance and Budget

Alan Huberman

The Finance Committee serves as a resource to assist the financial leaders and the board with understanding the finances, reviewing and suggesting approaches to long–term planning, and overseeing the financial functions of TBS. The Finance Committee takes an active role in the preparation of the annual budget and during that process, explores alternatives or options with the professional staff, and makes recommendations to the board based on its guidance and direction. The committee also oversees the annual financial audit conducted by an independent auditor.

Garden Club

Carol Gershman

The Beth Shalom Garden Club is open to all floral arrangers and non–gardeners alike. One doesn’t need to be an expert in flowers to be a member. You just need to appreciate their beauty. The objective of BSGC is to promote an interest in flower arranging, gardening, horticulture and conservation. Being one of the communities of Temple Beth Shalom, we lend our creativity to enhancing various Temple events and holidays throughout the year. The most visible examples of our work are the weekly Sanctuary floral arrangements. 


Elliot Herman

At the Direction of the Board, the Investment Committee provides oversite for the TBS Endowment Portfolios, as well as supports other investing activity. We do this to help ensure that the goals and financial objectives of the Temple are being met. TBS currently engages an outside investment adviser to handle the day to day management responsibilities of the Endowment portfolio. The Investment Committee interfaces with the outside manager and the Board, providing updates during the year. The Committee is available to provide additional investment insight and advice to the Board on other Temple investments as needed.

Leadership Development

Wendy Gutterson

Emerging and current lay leaders in our congregation need to develop general leadership skills, immerse themselves in Jewish learning, and become knowledgeable about our community. The Leadership Development Committee is responsible for helping all current and future leaders learn these things so they can embark on their journey and inspire sacred action within our community. 

Long Range Planning

Wendy Gutterson

Periodically, the Long Range Planning Committee meets to assess, update, modify, and incorporate new information into the Congregations’ Strategic plans. The committee meets on an ad–hoc basis and often works on special projects, such as specific three or five year plans related to: long–term giving, community advancement, working with several standing committees to develop and harmonize shared visions and plans, and to assist where needed with other committees as they incorporate their respective visions and plans looking ahead. 


Cantor DJ Fortine

The Music Committee is focused on various music initiatives at TBS, such as creating temple music resources for our website, supporting visiting artists and events, and introducing new venues for congregational music–making and learning. 

Personnel Practices

Rob Spiegel

From our values–grounded Cheshbon HaBrit program (“Taking Account of a Sacred Relationship” – a goal setting and performance evaluation tool) the PPC helps to ensure personnel/human resource matters are conducted in a consistent and professional manner. From the writing and review of the Personnel Manual to making recommendations on Employee Benefits, we assist the Temple and provide advice in finding, growing and retaining employees that serve the needs of our Temple community in ways that are aligned with and reflect our community’s values. 

Social Action - Tikkun Olam

Linda Hill

Cara Karelitz
Heidi Shaff

The purpose of the TBS Social Action program is to help inspire and support the members of our community of all ages as they engage in acts that will help bring Tikkun – repair, understanding, and justice to our world. 


David Grebber

At Temple Beth Shalom, we believe in upholding community as a sacred value, where each individual strives to honor and support the religious, spiritual, and shared practices of our community. In that regard, our Temple’s opportunities for worship can awaken, animate, challenge and surprise. It can shine a light in dark times and nurture gratitude for the gifts we have been given. The Worship Committee works closely with our clergy, the professional staff, and the Temples Arms to offer input on worship–related matters (both substantive and detailed), participate in worship services, and oversee lay–led services to create and sustain meaningful worship experiences for our Temple Community. 

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