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Adult Engagement at TBS

There are countless ways for adults of all ages and life stages to become involved at Beth Shalom.  Our calendar (as well as this website!) is filled with adult learning programs and classes, cultural programs, opportunities for spiritual exploration and expression, Social Action outreach, Social Justice initiatives, and community caring outreach.  TBS proudly invites nationally and locally known speakers, musicians, and scholars.  As well, many of our own TBS members often share their expertise and talents throughout the year! 

At the same time, our broader TBS community is made up of several smaller communities, enabling increased opportunities to meet people and become involved.  These include our TBS women’s community (Sisterhood), men’s community (Brotherhood), Families with Young Children community, elementary school and teen communities, Three Score More/Less (for those aged 55 and above), Garden Club, and more. The background and activities of each of these is included under this “Community” tab. 

If you have questions about how to connect with others as part of the TBS community, please contact Jessica Baim, our Program & Communications Coordinator at  She will be more than happy to be helpful.

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