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Event Rentals

Temple Beth Shalom is a vibrant, joyful community and the perfect place for your special event. Whether you are celebrating a B. Mitzvah, wedding, baby naming, or birthday, or hosting a meeting or gathering, we offer a wide variety of options to meet your needs and make any occasion feel unique for you and your guests.

Our beautiful building features two large social halls, a light-filled atrium, and spaces for more intimate gatherings. We offer commercial kitchen facilities, audio visual capabilities, event management for planning and day-of support, free on-site parking, and much more!


We look forward to creating meaningful and memorable events with you!

Ready to inquire? Please contact our Events Manager at

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Temple Spaces
Temple Spaces

Simon Hall

Spacious and bright, Simon Hall features large windows, hardwood parquet flooring, a carpeted optional expansion area for additional seating or activities, direct access to our full commercial kitchen, wireless internet access, a state-of-the-art sound system, and full screen and HD video projection capabilities. A beautiful venue for your special kiddush, luncheon, or elegant evening celebration.

Auditorium-Style Seating: 400+

Banquet-Style Seating: 220 (180 with dance floor)

With Expansion Area: 260 (220 with dance floor)


Beit Midrash

(The Study)

This intimate space features natural light, wood paneled walls, book-filled shelves, and glass accents, along with A/V equipment. It is the perfect room for a Shabbat dinner, baby naming or bris, meeting, or special program.

Lecture-Style Seating: 100

Banquet-Style Seating: 40-60

Community Hall Photo4_edited.jpg

Carmen Hall

With two walls of windows that fill the hall with natural light, this space features wall-to-wall carpeting, beautiful lighting, direct access to our full commercial kitchen, sound system, and full screen and HD video projection capabilities. TBS can also provide an ample wooden dance floor upon request. Carmen Hall is a superb space for any special celebration, meeting, or gathering.


Auditorium-Style Seating: 300+

Banquet-Style Seating: 250 (180 with dance floor)


Community Court

Our light-filled atrium is the perfect location for anything from cocktail hour to a grab-and-go kiddush following services. With comfortable couches and chairs next to a cozy fireplace, a grand piano, and a library area, this space brings warmth to your function, blending style, comfort, and convenience for you and your guests. Our front entryway, fully accessible restrooms, and main coatroom are all located adjacent to the Community Court.


Standing: 220

Event Support
Event Support
Support for Your Special Event

We personally support each and every event at Temple Beth Shalom. All rental events are planned in consultation with our Events Manager to help ensure that every detail is taken into consideration. We assist in the coordination of your function by working closely with you throughout your planning process to ensure a smooth and successful event.

We are happy to...

  • Coordinate event logistics, timing, and answer any questions you may have!

  • Recommend great events professionals from our preferred vendor list.

  • Coordinate arrival times, deliveries, and pick ups for families and vendors.

  • Create, set up, and break down floor plans. 

  • Set out any personal items such as kippot, programs, or a card box.  

  • Coordinate additional staff such as security, custodial, or accommodators (upon request).

  • Support and facilitate all A/V requirements for slideshow/montage.

A Note Regarding Accommodation

TBS works with wonderful accommodators who can be hired to assist you more comprehensively on the day of your event. The Temple accommodator is on site early to receive your food delivery, set up tablecloths, forks, napkins, and plates (provided by the renter), keep your space clean, and pack up leftovers for you to take home with you. 

An insured caterer or accommodator is required for all events at TBS when food is served. You are welcome to use an insured vendor of your choice, or we can add a TBS accommodator to your contract.

Pricing Information
Pricing Information

Event Rental Pricing Information for Temple Beth Shalom Members

Event Time
Kitchen Access
Community Court
Beit Midrash (The Study)
Simon Hall
Carmen Hall
30-60 Minutes
1.5 Hours
1.5 Hours
2 Hours
2 Hours
4 Hours - Evening

*Does not include an Accommodator, but can be added upon request for a fee.

^Dance floor included in price and booked upon request.

  • All pricing includes the support of an Accommodator, upon request, unless otherwise noted.

  • Rental prices are offered with or without access to our commercial kitchen, as indicated.

  • All prices include the support of our Events Manager, custodial and security staff, and setup of Temple tables and chairs, as needed.

  • A/V equipment and setup is included in price and is available in all spaces except for the Community Court.

  • If you are not a member of the Temple community or are a non-profit or business interested in learning more about rates and special offers, please contact our Events Manager at

Event Inspiration
Event Inspiration

Grab & Go in Community Court -  The C. Family rented the space for about 30 minutes and provided their guests with a sweet treat as they left their daughter's morning B. Mitzvah services and headed out to relax before the evening celebration.

Stand Up Kiddush in the Beit Midrash (The Study) - The D. Family rented the space for 1 hour with kitchen access. A caterer delivered the meal for their extended family and our TBS Accommodator and Events Manager assisted with setting up the space, warming and laying out the food, simple decor and cleaning up. The family ate, relaxed, and then headed home to enjoy the day!

Kiddush in Carmen Hall - The S. Family rented Carmen Hall for 2 hours with kitchen access and brought in a catered buffet luncheon for guests to enjoy following morning B. Mitzvah services. They worked with the Events Manager and the Temple staff arranged all of the tables and chairs, tested and ran the montage, and facilitated delivery of the linens and flowers.

Evening Celebration in Simon Hall - The F. Family rented one of the social halls for 4 hours with kitchen access and brought in a DJ, entertainment, full catering, décor, lighting and more. They used Community Court for cocktail hour and then danced the night away with friends and family!

Special Event in Carmen Hall - Company R. rented the room for 1.5 hours on a weekday evening, without kitchen access, for a professional development session. The Temple arranged 50 chairs auditorium style facing the large drop-down screen, in addition to round tables for a buffet lunch. They used the A/V system, riser, and podium for a successful and seamless event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring in rentals and vendors?

Yes. You are welcome to work with rental companies and vendors or your event planner to bring in tables, chairs, linens, lighting, dance floor, DJ, entertainment, etc. We will ask you for a list of the vendors you are using so that we may connect with them to get their insurance information and assist in coordinating load in/out timing.

Can we bring in catering?

Yes! You are welcome to hire a licensed caterer for your event who can have access to our commercial kitchen space based on the package you choose.

What does an Accommodator do?

We provide an Accommodator, if needed and at your request, with almost all of our events packages. An Accommodator can be hired to assist you more comprehensively on the day of your event when you do not already have a caterer. They are on site early to receive your food delivery, set up tablecloths, forks, napkins, and plates (provided by the renter), keep your space clean, and pack up leftovers to take home with you.

Can we play a montage?

Yes! The Study (Beit Midrash), Carmen Hall, and Simon Hall are all equipped with a projection system ready to show your slideshow! We require a test run of the montage before the event, which you can coordinate with the Events Manager.

Can we reserve more than one space in the building for our event?

Yes. Pending availability and what else is happening throughout the Temple, we are happy to reserve additional function spaces for you based on our rates. If you would like to reserve both social halls for your event, we charge an additional $1,000 for the second space.

When can we gain access to the space?

You will have access an hour before the event and an hour after the event for cleaning up! For Afternoon and Evening Celebrations, access begins three hours prior to the event.

May I bring in items ahead of my function?

Yes, but due to our limited storage space and the weekly programs we support, all advance deliveries must be scheduled through the Events Manager for the week of the event.

Are we responsible for the setup of tables and chairs?

If you are using Temple tables and chairs, our custodial team will set them up for you. If you are renting tables and chairs, your caterer is responsible for setup.

Is someone there that day to help us?

Yes! There will be an Event Host to ensure the smooth success of your function!

Are there kosher requirements?

Temple Beth Shalom does not require kosher catering. We do, however, ask that the food is served "kosher-style", so no pork or shellfish.

Can I bring alcohol?

If alcoholic beverages will be served, a professional TIPS certified bartender must be hired and present at all times. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted to be served prior to any religious service or ceremony and are not to be served at any time to any person(s) under the age of 21. Evidence of Liquor Liability Insurance must be included on the required Certificate of Insurance. All alcoholic beverages should stop being served thirty minutes prior to the scheduled end of the event.

What is the decoration policy?

Due to damage and excess cleaning requirements that may be caused to our Temple home, below is a list of event materials that we do not allow:

  • tacks, nails, screws, tapes, adhesives, or any other fastening device

  • glitter, confetti, flower petals, chocolate fountains, smoke/fog machines, plastic leis, fiber optic rings

  • fireworks/sparklers, open-flame special effects, and open flames (exceptions for ceremonial candle lightings)

  • glow sticks are permitted, but if broken, any damage caused would be repaired at the renter's expense

  • animals (except for support animals)

Ready to inquire? Please contact our Events Manager at

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