Community Hall - Luncheon
Community Hall - Luncheon

Simon Hall with Expansion Area
Simon Hall with Expansion Area


Community Hall - Luncheon
Community Hall - Luncheon


Our Temple home is the perfect place for your celebration, be it a B. Mitzvah celebration, wedding, or other celebration. Offering a variety of celebration options and spaces we have what you need for your celebration. Our building features two beautiful social halls, plus our Community Court (perfect for cocktail hour), 21st-century technology, excellent kitchen facilities, staff support for planning as well as day of, free on-site parking, the convenience of Needham, and much more!  In short, everything that you need to help make your celebration memorable!!


Simon Hall

Spacious and bright, Simon Hall features ample natural light, hardwood parquet flooring, a carpeted ‘expansion area’ for additional seating or activities (if desired), direct access to full commercial kitchen, wireless internet access, a state of the art sound system, as well as a full screen and HD video projection capability, with computer plug-in capacity for slide shows and videos. A beautiful venue for your special Kiddush or Luncheon or an elegant evening celebration.

Simon Hall Dimensions & Capacity

With Expansion Area:

Dimensions:                                                          78 Feet x 51 Feet

Banquet Style Seating:                                                               260

Banquet Style Seating with Dance Floor:                                   220

Without Expansion Area:

Dimensions:                                                   58 Feet x 51 Feet

Banquet Style Seating:                                                        220

Banquet Style Seating with Dance Floor:                            180


Community Hall

With two walls of windows that fill the Community Hall with natural light, this hall features wall-to-wall carpeting, beautiful lighting, direct access to our full commercial kitchen, wireless internet access, a state of the art sound system, as well as a full screen and HD video projection capability, with computer plug-in capacity for slide shows and videos. TBS also has a large wood dance floor. The Community Hall is a superb space for any special celebration.


Community Hall Dimensions & Capacity

Dimensions:                                                          64 Feet x 54 Feet

Banquet Style Seating:                                                               250

Banquet Style Seating with Dance Floor:                                  180

Optional Dance TBS provide Dance Floor:                         20' x 16'

We hope that you choose
to celebrate at
Temple Beth Shalom!

Community Court

Our beautiful Community Court area is the perfect location for a pre-party cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres and a bar, as a welcome space, or a more quiet space for guests. Spacious, with wonderful natural light, comfortable couches and chairs next to a cozy fireplace, a grand piano, and a library area, as well as open internet access, the TBS Community Court brings a warm ‘living room’ feel to your function, blending style, comfort, and convenience for you and your guests. Our front entryway, fully accessible restrooms, and main coatroom are all located adjacent to our Community Court.

Community Court Capacity

The Community Court comfortably accommodates up to 150 people for a stand-up cocktail hour.


Personal Support for your Special Event!


We personally support each and every event at Temple Beth Shalom. All events are planned in consultation with our Community Engagement Manager to help ensure that every detail is considered. An on-site host will be with you and your guests on the day of your event to answer any questions or respond to any needs that may arise. 

Staff Support for Functions Hosted at TBS:
Temple Beth Shalom is happy to provide staff support to help ensure that your function takes place smoothly and successfully.

Community Engagement Manager: 
Our TBS Community Engagement Manager will support the organization of your function by working closely with you and your contracted vendors.  Our Community Engagement Manager is happy to provide information about possible vendors for your event, help create floor plans for your event, and work with you to test any video presentation.  As well, our Community Engagement Manager will support smooth set-up, ensure receipt of all pre-arranged deliveries, and collect necessary insurance information.  As well, our Community Engagement Manager will ensure that necessary support staff (custodial, security, and a “Greeter”) is available for your event.

Maintenance Staff: 
Our TBS Maintenance Staff will set up all the tables and chairs that belong to the Temple according to your prepared floor plan.  Our Maintenance Staff will also break down TBS tables and chairs following the event and will maintain a clean space during the function.

Seated at our Welcome Desk throughout your function, a TBS Greeter will warmly welcome your guests, direct them, as needed, and will monitor our locked front door throughout the function - allowing only guests entry into the Temple.  Our Greeter will be available to you during the event and will be responsive to general site-related questions. 

Event Host:  
Our TBS Event Host will be available to you, your guests, and your vendors as the primary “day-of” contact person.  The Event Host will support you by attending to event needs as they arise, responding to questions, providing support for any on-site vendors, directing our Custodial Staff as needed, and ensuring that any video presentations are set up appropriately.


Security Guard(s): 

If you are hosting either an Afternoon or Evening Celebration, TBS requires that a security guard be present.  The rental fee for an Afternoon or Evening Celebration includes the cost for one security guard.  If more than 75 unaccompanied children will be in attendance at the function, we require that a second security guard be hired by the Temple.  The rate for a second security guard is $200.00 for the function.  This fee will be added to the renter’s contract.

The Security Guard(s) help to ensure the safety of all minors, protect the cleanliness and integrity of the Temple spaces, and ensure that all rules and regulations are followed.

Temple Beth Shalom Accommodator:
TBS works with a few amazing accommodators, who if you chose can be hired to help assist you more comprehensively on the day off.  The Temple Accommodator will be on-site early to receive your food delivery, set up tablecloths, forks, napkins, and plates (that are provided by the renter), keep your space looking clean, and pack up leftovers for you to take home with you. For all TBS events, an insured caterer or accommodation is required. You are welcome to use an insured vendor of your choice or we can add a TBS accommodator to your contact. For pricing, please contact Rahel. 

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2021 - 2022 Rental Options & Prices

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* For the most up to date information, please contact Rahel

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Ready to Book your Event?


I am Rahel and I look forward to helping you plan your special event. 

Please, reach out to me if you have any questions or if you are ready to book your event! 

Rahel Gruenberg
Community Engagement Manager
Pronouns: She/her/hers

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