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Crisis in Israel

Our Temple Beth Shalom community continues to strongly support Israel and one another during this time of crisis. In addition to the special Israel-focused programming taking place in our community, we have also gathered many helpful resources below. These include opportunities to financially and materially support Israel; learning resources for adults, college students, teens and children; ways to reach out to Israelis in Israel; recommended books and media outlets; spiritual resources; and more.


If we may be supportive of you and your family, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our clergy and staff.

Community Email Outreach to Date:
October 7, 2023: Email to Community from Clergy & Senior Team

October 8, 2023: Email to Community from Clergy & Senior Team with resources

October 16, 2023: Email to Community from Clergy & Senior Team with resources

November 6, 2023: Email to Community from Clergy & Senior Team with resources

November 20, 2023: Email to Community from Clergy & Senior Team with resources

December 18, 2023: Email to Community from Clergy & Senior Team with resources

January 17, 2024: Email to Community from Clergy & Senior Team with resources

February 6, 2024: Email to Community from Clergy & Senior Team with resources

February 27, 2024: Email to Community from Clergy & Senior Team with resources

Ways You Can Help


In the weeks since the October 7th assault, despite verified evidence and testimony from survivors of the NOVA festival, the attacks on kibbutzim, and hostages that have been freed, denial of Hamas-perpetrated rape and sexual violence has been wide-spread.  These atrocities constitute gross violations of international law. Rape and sexual violence in conflict are war crimes.  Join American Jewish Committee (AJC), in urging Congress to condemn Hamas for using sexual and gender based violence as a weapon of war.  To raise your voice to our congressional leadership, please click here.



Founded by Temple Aliyah Rabbi Leslie Gordon and her husband David Goodtree, Blue Ribbons for Life has officially launched its national campaign to put the Hostages First!  Visit their website by clicking here. There are still 136 men and women, children and elderly who are held hostage. Tie a blue ribbon around a tree or lamp post at your home to express your support for the hostages.  Temple Beth Shalom is proud to have been amongst the very first congregations to participate in this important effort.  TBS proudly displays these ribbons on our temple property.  Blue ribbons are available at no cost at the Welcome Desk at TBS.  We invite and encourage you to join us!  To view the recording of the official Blue Ribbons for Life launch event, please click here.



Calling Congress: The American Jewish Committee is a leading voice in an effort to invite calls to congressional leaders to work in support of Israel and the return of the hostages.  For more information, please click here.


RootOne Education Center has recommended the following actions that may be taken to support the 136 hostages - elderly, fathers, mothers, young women, children, chronically ill and wounded - and advocate for their release.  It only takes a few minutes to call your representative or share a post on social media on behalf of the hostages, but it is a tremendous way to do your part.  Click on any of the following ways help the hostages now:



The 10/7 Project is led by the American Jewish Committee (AJC), the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA), the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.  It was created to be a centralized communications operation to promote continued U.S. bipartisan support for Israel; push for accurate, complete coverage of Israel-Hamas War; and promote stronger focus on October 7th victims and hostages.  To learn more, please click here.


  • United Hatzalah is the largest independent, non-profit, fully volunteer emergency medical service (EMS) in Israel.  Over 7,000 volunteers and over 120 rescue vehicles remain fully mobilized in response to the current crisis.  They work hand-in-hand with the IDF to treat soldiers, adults, and children.  Currently, Hatzalah’s highest priority is to source millions of dollars’ worth of urgent medical supplies, protective gear, and communications equipment while increasing their dispatch and logistic capabilities.  To learn more and to make a contribution, please click here.

  • The Maglan Unit is an elite unit of the IDF.  An Israeli member of our congregation has family and friends currently serving as reservists with Maglan on the Gaza border.  Contributions to the Maglan Unit enable us to make a direct difference in on-the-ground efforts to help Israel defend itself and to protect those directly engaged in the task of protecting Israel.  This fund is a 501c3 with 100% of tax-deductible donations going directly to support this essential unit.  To learn more and to make a contribution, please click here. When you receive the confirmation page, enter message: Direct funds to 6212.

  • Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) has established an Israel Emergency Fund.  100% of contributions go towards supporting victims of terror and addressing unprecedented levels of trauma through partner agencies in Israel.  To learn more and to make a contribution, please click here.



United Hatzalah
Our TBS community is focusing our financial support towards the following organizations - CJP's Israel Emergency FundMaglan Friends FoundationIsraeli American Council, and United Hatzalah. Each is making a profound difference to support Israelis during this most difficult time.  A few weeks ago, we provided an update on the work of the Maglan Friends Foundation.  Heartfelt thanks to TBS members Rami and Joni Burstein for their leadership work with the Maglan Friends Foundation!  This week, we are providing an update from United Hatzalah.  Many thanks to Harry Abrahams, who, in addition to being Rabbi Elyse’s life partner and Gideon’s dad, also serves as the Northeast Regional Development Director for United Hatzalah for this information!

As the war spurred on by the attacks on October 7th continues, United Hatzalah continues to respond to the crisis in the south while also ensuring EMS disaster readiness for the next phase of the war. Almost daily we attend to victims of missile attacks across the country, and although our attention remains focused on threats from beyond our borders, the routine emergency medical needs of the Israeli public have not abated.

Since the start of the war, we have:


  • Treated more than 4,720 soldiers and civilian adults and children.

  • Provided more than 2,710 soldiers, civilians, and volunteers with Psychotrauma support.

  • Evacuated 1,250 injured to hospitals via ambulance and helicopter.

  • Filled 2,600 medic bags and trauma kits.

  • Used 30,000 liters of gasoline to reach people in need and transport them to hospitals.

  • Purchased over $25 million worth of medical supplies.

  • Dispatched 410 rescue vehicles to southern and northern Israel.

  • Procured 45 new emergency vehicles and ordered several more.

  • Delivered 71 tons of medical supplies and humanitarian aid to the IDF and residents of the south.

In light of the current situation, United Hatzalah is faced with two main priorities: strengthening our EMS capabilities so we can protect Israel’s citizens throughout this war and increasing our EMS preparedness for the future. We must replenish lifesaving medical, logistical, and communication equipment and protective gear, procure more rapid response vehicles, and expand our mass casualty fleet. As thoughts turn to the future, we must also rebuild and bolster our EMS infrastructure by training additional medics, upgrading our dispatch technology and computer systems, and establishing a Southern Regional Command Center in Sderot.

To better understand the work of United Hatzalah, please see the following videos 
here and here.

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