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ConNEXTions Logo No Feet.jpeg
ConNEXTions Logo No Feet.jpeg

What is it?

                                  ("connections") is a sub-group of the Temple Beth Shalom community focused on engaging adults in Jewish life on their own terms and for their own benefit. While, for many, early years of involvement in the community are marked by time spent for and with children, there comes a time to ask, “What’s next?” and this group will provide opportunities for fun, time with friends, learning, and opportunities to do good in our world.


Who is in the group?

We know that for many adults in our community, as children enter high school and then college, new opportunities arise to explore adult activities and opportunities. You may be beginning to have more time to rededicate to your own interests.                                     offers a largely social space for you to engage - or reengage - with friends and peers in the TBS community. Whether or not you have children, TBS ConNEXTions will offer fun and compelling programming, outings (in a post-COVID world), and opportunities to be with peers and friends.  

ConNEXTions Logo No Feet.jpeg
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