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How We Communicate

If you want to know something about our Temple, you'll find it at

TBS Website

“Friend” Temple Beth Shalom to be part of our Facebook community connection. If you’re not on Facebook, no worries! You will receive all the information you need about TBS through the other avenues listed on this page.


Check your mailbox for annual mailings of the Community Guide, highlighting all that goes on in the Temple community; the High Holy Day brochure, detailing registration and information for High Holy Day services; and more.


Our magazine, The Scroll,  is mailed to all Temple members every month except for July and August.  It contains articles and photos featuring various aspects of our congregation and information about Temple events.

The Scroll

Enjoy photos of past events and a schedule of the day’s activities by viewing the monitors near the Welcome Desk at the entrance to Temple.

Video Display


Want to give away or sell those theater tickets you can’t use? Have news about a job opening? Need a recommendation for a plumber? Ask fellow congregants and hear what they have to offer or request. Sign up for this optional email list serve by emailing

Bulletin Board

Each Wednesday you’ll learn about current and upcoming news, services, and events at TBS and in the community in the TBS This Week email. On Fridays, our clergy share reflections on the week’s Torah reading and wish us all Shabbat Shalom.  A Loss in Our Community lets you know when a fellow congregant has lost a loved one.  And, of course, you will receive an email if there’s an urgent or important Temple announcement.

TBS Emails


Learn what makes this Shabbat special, view the week's yahrzeits, and note upcoming events.

Leaflets at Services


Consult our list of businesses owned by Temple members by finding our Business Directory on our website. 

Business Directory

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