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Some Often Asked Questions

What are Shabbat Services like?

Our Shabbat evening service is held virtually every Friday night and live-streamed through Vimeo. The service is led by our clergy and includes beautiful singing and music from our Cantorial Soloists. There is a lively chat before and after as well, so everyone can greet new and old friends!

What if it is difficult for me to log on by 6:15 pm?

Don’t worry! We welcome you whenever you can join us, even after the service begins, and always have technical help available. It is wonderful to see our virtual Sanctuary gradually fill as more and more people arrive to join their loved ones and friends for Shabbat.

What are services like? Do I need to know Hebrew to appreciate the experience?

All of our services feature song, warmth, and spirit and are accessible to everyone. Our prayer book, Mishkan T’filah, is transliterated for those who do not read Hebrew. Links to the relevant pages are provided for the current week’s service. Our rabbis and musical leaders guide us through the service thoughtfully with explanations and teachings to ensure that everyone is sharing in a meaningful way.

When we are in our building, is the Sanctuary accessible and accommodating to everyone? 

Our Sanctuary is located on the first floor of our building; there are no steps into the building or into the Sanctuary. We have large-print prayer books and hearing-assistive devices, which are easily accessible. We also have a ramp up to the bimah. We welcome everyone to join us for Shabbat! 

How can I celebrate a life moment with a special blessing during services?

If you are interested in celebrating a life moment (birth, anniversary, special life change) with a blessing during our Shabbat services, please contact either Rabbi Perlman (, Rabbi Markley ( or Rabbi Bressler (  They will be happy to help.

Is it possible to purchase my own copy of our prayer book Mishkan T’filah?

Of course. To order your own copy of Mishkan T’filah (and/or a number of other Jewish books and resources) please go to


Shabbat Evening Services

Shabbat at Temple Beth Shalom is a time for spirited song, prayer, and sharing as a community. We invite you to celebrate Shabbat with us as together we seek rest, renewal, and inspiration.


Our Erev Shabbat evening services are joyful, participatory, and rich with beautiful music led by our Cantorial Soloist, DJ Fortine, or Cantorial Soloist, Emily Perlman. Our services feature guitar and voices raised together in song. The prayer book’s poetry (provided virtually) and a thought-provoking weekly D’var Torah (Torah Teaching) inspire reflection and provide timely insight as we consider how Jewish wisdom might inform our own life journeys.


These services take place weekly at 7:15 PM the first two Fridays of the month and 6:15 PM the rest of the month, online and in person.


Shabbat Morning Services

B. Mitzvah Services

Most Saturday mornings, our Shabbat morning services are held in our Sanctuary. Poetry, music, prayer, and song blend as our B. Mitzvahs join Rabbi Perlman, Rabbi Markley, Rabbi Bressler, and Cantorial Soloists DJ Fortine and Emily Perlman to make these services extra special.

Lay-Led Shabbat Morning Services

Each Shabbat morning, from 8:30 am – 9:00 am, we gather online for a beautiful lay led Shabbat morning service.  Our Torah Study session (which runs from 9:00 am – 10:00 am) takes the place of a formal Torah reading during the service. It is led by the Clergy from September - June and is lay-led over the Summer.


Shabbat Afternoon Services

On several Shabbat afternoons throughout the year, typically at 5:00 pm in our Sanctuary, our B. Mitzvahs join our rabbis and cantorial soloists in leading these inspirational services.


Havdallah Services

On the first Shabbat of the month, Rabbi Todd Markley and family lead a spirited Havdallah service online at 7:00 pm to close Shabbat and welcome the new week. All are welcome to join. On the weeks when they're not broadcasting live, the same Vimeo link will take you to the archives of all our previous Havdallah rituals. 

If you would like to, feel free to bring:

  • A candle (any kind will work!)

  • A sweet smelling spice (cinnamon is perfect, but anything will work!)

  • A glass of juice or wine


Or just come! All are welcome.

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