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Hamantaschen Sale: Cookies and/or Dough!

Order Hamantaschen - Purim Cookies, or Dough (to Make Your Own!) - from Blackers through TBS!

All orders are due Monday, February 27,

Dough pick up is Friday, March 3, 9:00 am-3:00 pm.

Cookie pick up is Monday, March 6 after 3:00 pm & Tuesday, March 7, 9:00 am-5:00 pm.

Order here.

Dough - Baking your own hamantaschen is a highlight of the year! Order a batch of hamantaschen dough to make cookies at home! With dough made by the bakery, you get to do the fun part! Roll it out, cut and fill with your favorite fillings for quick, fresh from the oven treats. This two pound batch makes about two dozen small hamantaschen. $15 per two pound batch.

If you have a student in the Children's Center or Mayim Tamid on Friday, March 3, your order can be delivered to their classroom!

Cookies - Enjoy the tradition of eating hamantaschen (filled cookies) on Purim! We’ve partnered with our good friends at Blacker's Bakeshop to bring this delicious treat right to you. Preorder a half-dozen--or more!--for easy pickup at TBS on Purim. Flavors are an assortment of raspberry, chocolate, poppy, prune, apricot, and lemon. $10 per half-dozen.

If you have a student in any of the learning programs on Tuesday, March 7, your order can be delivered to their classroom!

Questions? Please contact Jessica Baim.


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