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New England Innocence Project

Presentation by Massachusetts Exoneree and New England Innocence Project Board Member Sean K. Ellis

Sunday, February 7, 10:00 AM, live on Zoom.

TBS Brotherhood and TBS Tzedek invite the community to join us for a morning with Sean K. Ellis. Mr. Ellis was a Needham METCO student in the ‘80s and ‘90s. He was convicted in 1995 of the murder of a Boston police officer; his wrongful conviction involved profound police and prosecutorial misconduct. Sean’s conviction was reversed in 2015, the reversal was upheld by the Supreme Judicial Court in 2016, and he was fully exonerated last year.

Mr. Ellis is an inspirational speaker - his lack of bitterness and positive energy are truly a testimony to his character. He will be introduced and interviewed by Stephanie Roberts Hartung, law professor at Northeastern Law School and also a board member of the New England Innocence Project. Time is reserved at the end of the presentation for Q&A from the audience. This event is open to TBS members.

Please register at to receive a Zoom link by email.

To watch a documentary about Sean's case before the event, go to Netflix and search for “Trial 4” (the documentary title). Trial 4 tells the full story behind Sean's arrest, prosecution, and eventual release after 22 years when a judge deemed he had not received a fair trial.

To read more about Sean’s story, go to:

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