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TBS Hosts GBIO Campaign for Housing Justice In-District-Meeting (IDM) with Legislators

Tuesday,  February 13, 7:15 pm

UPDATE:  We are excited to announce that Sean Ellis will be one of our storytellers.  Sean attended the Needham Public schools, is the subject of the Netflix documentary "Trial 4" and is currently the Director of the Exoneree Network of the New England Innocence Project.  He will be speaking about the housing challenges faced by returning citizens.

Senator Becca Rausch and Representative Denise Garlick are coming to Temple Beth Shalom! If you attended the vigil for Israel and heard them speak, you know that they are powerful supporters of issues important to us. If you did not attend, these are our legislators and this IDM presents a significant opportunity for us, their constituents, to demonstrate our deep concern for Housing Justice. TBS’ social justice theme for the year is Housing Justice. In collaboration with The Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO), our primary objective is to have Senator Rausch and Representative Garlick publicly commit to support budget increases and bills related to housing justice by the conclusion of the legislative session in July 2024. We want a clear record of this commitment to hold them accountable. To illustrate how these issues affect us and our communities, we will share personal stories from public housing residents, returning citizens (formerly incarcerated individuals) and others. We will advocate for specific systemic or policy changes that will tangibly enhance our lives and promote justice. Our focused approach allows us to harness our collective influence for maximum impact. If you are not in Sen. Becca Rausch's or Rep. Denise Garlick's district (or are unsure of your district), please complete the GBIO IDM Interest Form. You will receive follow up information when an IDM is scheduled in your district. Contact Magda Schmalz if you have questions.


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