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TBS Israel Adventure

December 22, 2022 – January 1, 2023

Turn “Next Year in Jerusalem!” into “This Year in Jerusalem!” Join us for an incredible TBS adventure to Israel! Rabbi Jay and Emily will once again lead a life-memory-making 10-day Israel journey. This year's trip will coincide with the celebration of Chanukah, which will make the holiday even more joyful! Our multi-generational trip - perfect for all ages - will include the spirituality of Jerusalem, the majesty of Masada, the buzz of Tel Aviv, the beauty of the Golan, the inspiration of Haifa, the buoyancy of the Dead Sea, and much, much more! For families who are interested, children wishing to celebrate B. Mitzvah may do so during a special service atop Masada! For more information, please click or contact Rabbi Jay.

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