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Who's Who
Early Learning Staff
Clergy/Worship Team

Senior Director of Learning & Engagement

Ellen Dietrick

Ellen Dietrick holds a masters in education from the University of Virginia. Before arriving at TBS she spent ten years directing the early childhood program at Congregation Beth Israel in Charlottesville, Virginia. She is also the author of the children's book It's Israel's Birthday, featuring preschoolers on an imaginary journey to Israel. Ellen represents TBS nationally as the advocacy chair on the board of the Early Childhood Educators of Reform Judaism. As a Jim Joseph Leading Educators Online Fellow she is currently developing a community of practice to enable Jewish early childhood educators nationally to work and learn together online. Ellen is also a graduate of the Covenant-JECEI Early Childhood Leadership Fellowship (2009) and the Covenant Fellowship for Early Childhood Leadership (2011).

Children's Center Curriculum Director

Jesse Tobin

Through her graduate studies, Jesse discovered her true passion for developing and implementing science curriculum in the early childhood years. She believes young children are naturally curious about the world around them. Developing inquiry skills early in life fosters children’s curiosity, understanding of the natural world, and their love of learning. Jesse's undergraduate degree is in Early Childhood Education from Boston University. After graduating, she spent three years as the lead teacher in the Early Childhood Learning Laboratory at BU. While working, Jesse completed her masters in curriculum and teaching with a focus on science for young children.

masha silva.jpeg

Children's Center Curriculum Coach

Masha Silva

I am devoted to reaching each and every student and instilling in them a love for learning. I am passionate about designing age-appropriate lessons and activities that teach fundamental academic and social skills and I focus on developing strong  relationships within the school community. I hold a masters from Northeastern University and a BS in Education from Necrasov University, St. Petersburg in Russia. I bring over 16 years of teaching experience. Before coming to Temple Beth Shalom I taught toddlers at the Maimonides School in Brookline, preschoolers at Yal-Day-New in Brighton and pre-k children at A to Z Preschool in Needham.

Bumps, Babies & Beyond Co-Founder

& Child Development Specialist

Liz Berkman

Liz has 15 years experience working with children and their families -- birth to three. Before starting Bumps, Babies and Beyond, Liz worked as a child development instructor at Isis Parenting where whe ran developmentally appropriate groups for ages six months to three years and facilitated educational discussions around various developmental topics. Liz lives in Needham with her husband and two wonderful children.

Bumps, Babies & Beyond Co-Founder

& Early Parenting Specialist

Dawn Ellis

As a licensed clinical social worker and ordained interfaith minister, Dawn believes in the power of group work to validate and create amazing community through deep shared experience. Before coming to Temple Beth Shalom, Dawn worked at Isis Parenting as a group facilitator for New Parenting and prenatal support groups. Dawn's own family is interfaith and she is raising her three young children Jewish.  Her group work has always been focused around major life transitions.  Dawn feels becoming a mother is one of the greatest rites of passage a woman may experience and respecting each person’s religious and/or spiritual needs during this time is of great importance to her.

Learning Administrator

Savita Brewer

After teaching at TBSCC for several years, Savita is returning this year as both administrator and teacher. In addition to teaching at TBS, she is a graduate of Boston University with a double major in International Relations and Psychology. Savita has worked in various capacities for a number of small businesses in the area. As a bookkeeper and administrator for Last Minute Productions and as receptionist at a local pediatrician, she enjoyed supporting the needs of a bustling office and looks forward to bringing her organizational skills to Temple Beth Shalom and getting to know so many new families.  Savita loves the way the Temple Beth Shalom community embraces the Jewish culture in the curriculum and appreciates being part of a warm and welcoming community.

Learning Administrator

Suzanne Stein

With a master's degree in Teaching English as a Second Language and a background in HR, becoming a learning administrator at TBSCC was a natural fit for Suzanne. She has been a part of the temple community for 8 years, and currently chair the Bikkur Cholim committee which provides meals to families going through a difficult time. While Suzanne enjoys the volunteer work she does at the temple, her greatest joy has been watching her 2 daughters thrive in the TBSCC environment. The teachers create a warm and nurturing environment, adapting to the various needs of the children. Suzanne is honored to work alongside these teachers who continue to foster the growth and development of all the children at TBSCC. She looks forward to working with TBSCC families and getting to know their children as they pass through the halls of TBS.

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